DABS Quality Policy

At Defense and Aerospace Business Solutions (DABS), we are committed to customer satisfaction by providing products of the highest quality, with the best possible pricing, and with timely delivery.

To accomplish this, we are committed to supporting a well-trained workforce in an ideal work environment and an atmosphere of continual improvement with a commitment to comply with requirements.

Quality Products Built By A Dedicated Team

At DABS, quality is more than a measurable system; it is a fundamental part of our daily processes. We encourage our employees to innovate, to go the extra mile, and to think like entrepreneurs. We also expect our Suppliers to provide the same high-quality we expect of ourselves. If you are a supplier to DABS, please visit our Supplier Quality Requirements.

Quality Accreditations

  • DABS AS9100/ISO9001 Certificate
  • Registered/ITAR Compliant: DABS is registered with the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls and abides by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations
  • JCP Registered: DABS is registered with the Joint Certification program to protect controlled Unclassified Militarily Critical Technical Data (MCTD) and technology from common adversaries
  • QMS Purchasing Terms and Conditions


OEM Process Specifications Training

Installation Specifications

DABS’ Team is trained and certified to OEM primary install techniques listed below. There are many more specifications than the ones listed below and DABS will work to accommodate any installation spec being used for your project.

Bearing, Housing & Sleeve Installations
BPS 4162 Bell Helicopter
BAC 5435 Boeing
CSMP 023 Cessna
DPS 1.33 Douglas
SP1613 Fairchild
M 004 / M 236 General Dynamics
GS 15A / G46 Grumman
DS 5026-1 Lockheed
PS 17005 / PS 17030 McDonnel
LA0101-006 NAA
FH-19/B-1 Northrop
SS 8745 Sikorsky
CVA 13-180 Vought

Sealing and Adhesive Specifications
BAC 5000 Sealing, General
BAC 5008 Application of Lubricants
BAC 5010 Application of Adhesives
BAC 5108 Installation and Sealing of Electrical Seal Fittings
BAC 5162 Assembly of Electric Connections
BAC 5503 Sealing Sandwich Assemblies
BAC 5504 Integral Fuel Tank Structure Sealing
BAC 5503 Sealing Sandwich Assemblies
BAC 5504 Integral Fuel Tank Structure Sealing
BAC 5750 Solvent Cleaning
D6-44879 Engineering Requirements for Bonding Honeycomb Sandwich Assemblies
D6-48758 Structural Repair Bonding

DABS On Hand Consumables

Consumables used regularly and available include: BMS 5-45, BMS 3-33, BMS 10-11, AMS S8802, Alodine 600 & 1200. Purchase orders for assemblies with materials not listed here may be purchased, and a charge will be assessed for the item unless otherwise coordinated.