DABS clevises are used to connect products such as cylinders, trailers, and structural members subjected to tension loads for aerospace, defense, space, automotive, marine, mining, oil and gas and other industries. Our custom capabilities includes forged clevises, turnbuckles, clevis pins, coupling nuts, sleeve nuts, pins with recess nuts, large heavy hex nuts and square nuts. Our custom fastener capabilities include machined clevises, large turnbuckle assemblies, bearing pins and more.

DABS develops precision clevises to industry standards and customer specifications using the highest quality aluminum, steel, titanium, and a range of alloys. We employ experts trained to industry standards and automation for perfectly manufactured clevises and other fasteners.

Important specifications for clevis manufacturing include: yoke depth, yoke width, hole diameter for clevis pin, connection thread type (male or female) and size, if applicable.

  • Rod Clevis
  • Twist and Twist Shackles
  • Hanger Clevis
  • Twin Clevis or Double Clevis

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